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Understand the implications of registration.

Registration for the Fall season begins the mid-April, just after Spring play gets underway. Registration for Spring play begins in November, just as Fall season comes to a close. Registration for Summer play begins in May, as the Spring Season comes to a close. Winter play in Indoor or Futsal leagues are independent of our leagues and may use separate passes.

! A couple of important points for parents to keep in mind :

  • The soccer year starts fresh with the Fall season. This means that players are free to join any Fall team without having to complete transfer paperwork. No player is obligated to a team based on the previous soccer year commitment.

  • Note that once a player has registered with a Fall team, that registration lasts the full soccer year (August 1st - July 31st). It is not possible for a player to transfer to a new team if the old team would fall below roster minimum, thus causing an entire team to fall apart at the whim of one player. So be sure of the team, for there is no guarantee of movement.

    Players may NOT sign up for more than one team.


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